Private Pole Installation

Freshwater Electrics can supply and install galvanised and timber private poles to your property.

Galvanised Private Pole

The most popular private poles are galvanised due to their size, physical look and are much cheaper than treated hardwood poles, galvanised poles can also be painted to suit the aesthetic look of the property.

Galvanised poles have a life span of 15 + years and the life of the pole dependent on the location. The pole will have a shorter life span in coastal and damp areas due to corrosion.

Treated Hardwood Private Pole

Timber poles are a much better quality private pole with 30 + years lifespan compared to the galvanised pole but are a lot more expensive and larger in width and height.

imber poles too are at the mercy of nature and can have a short life span if they are installed in areas with active termites or the ground is constantly damp.