Overhead Services Line up to 400Amps

Overhead services include but are not limited to single phase to three phase upgrades, overhead services to new dwellings, Overhead services for temporary building supply and overhead services to private poles.

Overhead service is a premises electrical consumer/customer mains cable connected from the energy distribution network pole to the customer’s premises which then leads into an electrical switchboard. Connection of overhead services are to be done by an electrical contractor who is authorised in level 2 service work.
Freshwater Electrics can also repair UV damaged overhead consumer mains. Some customer received a defect notice from Endeavour Energy for UV damage cable, UV damage to wires, or bare insulation.

What this means is the overhead consumer mains at point of attachment (where the overhead power line connects to your house, normally on the facial board or bracket) was damaged by the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This causes the cable insulation deterioration and bare copper wire expose. We can repair it by putting an addition insulation on the cable to make it safe.

Freshwater Electrics offer a full range of overhead services to builders, electricians and home owners within Freshwater, Northern Beaches, North Shore, Hills, Sydney metro and beyond.