Freshwater Electrics security services meet many of the demands of the office and warehouse. Security alarms, Access control, Video intercoms, CCTV surveillance and Ducted Vacuum Systems.

Combined this with the electrical and communication services we offer and you have a powerful, hi-tech security system to protect your property.

CCTV: Freshwater Electrics can customise CCTV solutions to monitor your commercial or industrial premise, deterring robbery, shoplifting, employee theft, and work place violence. With our CCTV systems, you can playback footage at your convenience—protecting your business from fraudulent claims.

Alarms: Our alarm systems cater for small to medium business. Secured areas can range from one to 250 separate zones monitored from a single panel. We offer a comprehensive range of detection devices including:

  • Passive infrared detectors (also known as motion sensors).
  • Door and window reed switches.
  • Roller shutter reed switches.
  • Smoke alarms.

Access control: An access control system is your first line of defence against unauthorised entry. Your basic security measure must include the ability to monitor and control who enters your premises and when they are allowed on site.

Access control detects and records a log of personnel or material entering and leaving the premises. This security system will only allow entry through PIN operation, access card and finger print recognition.

Our access control systems can safeguard your commercial premises by:

  • Detecting unauthorised access and activity at your premises.
  • Monitoring and controlling personnel who enter and exit the site.
  • Allowing you to review authorised access activity and validate authorised times.